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Product Information

Back on Track Horse Hock Boots (pair) $79.00

These Hock Boot have a neoprene exterior lined with state-of-the-art fabric which contains polyester thread embedded with a fine ceramic powder.

Designed to reflect the horse's own body-warmth, it creates a soothing far infrared thermal heat, which can help alleviate pain associated with inflamed muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints.

Used for both injury prevention as well as injury recovery. Achieve great results when using for boggy hocks and arthritic joints.

Back on Track products are not to be compared with magnetic therapy. This form of therapy works with your horses own body heat.

Price is for a pair.

Sizes available: S,M,L

Options: Hock point holes or no holes

Back on Track - Knee & Hock Horse Boots

"Here at our training camp at Tobo Ranch we have used Back on Track for a few years. The result has been predominantly very positive. Before and during the season of competition when the horses are exposed to somewhat tougher training we have noticed that the horses manage well without the usual swelling of the legs. Back on Track has kept the legs dry and tight.

We recommend and use ourselves, Back on Track not exclusively for competition horses but also in prophylactic purpose on any horses going through light or more advanced training program." - Anders Josefsson, part of the Swedish national team and Swedish Champion in Versatile Horse, Western Riding and Reining

Back on track products:

Back on Track is the name of a unique range of pain-relief products. They evolved from a combination of ancient Chinese experience, modern scientific findings and skilled textile production. The result is a fabric of polyester with a ceramic powder melted into the threads. The ceramic reflects body heat as an infrared wave, a form of energy that has a documented pain relieving effect. This reflected heat can reduce inflammation, ease muscle tension, increase blood circulation and hasten the healing process.

A blind study on horses with chronic back problems showed that they had a 50% improvement of the movement capability after three weeks with Back on Track.

Back on Track products can be used to warm up your muscles before physical exercise or work, thereby reducing the risk of strains or injury. Most importantly, they can also expedite the recovery from established injuries.

Back on Track is available in the form of wraps, bandages and blankets.

It is the genuine aim that Back on Track can provide an easy, comfortable and effective contribution to a life of health and wellbeing.

Available Options:
hock holes:
This product was added to our catalog on Friday 14 November, 2008.
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